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    display 3 YOY's + Target

    Xeni Xenu

      hello everyone,


      I am very new to Tableau and would appreciate any help


      I have tried previous solutions provided in this forum to no avail


      I would like to show the 3 different YOY's as lines across the 13 periods and the target (sales returned ceiling target) to be a bar chart.


      I attempted to blend the data as joining the two sheets kept on bringing up strange aggregated data, however since blending, I can't seem to get a view of the sales returned target please see attached packaged workbook.


      In summary, I would like the graph to clearly show the sales returned figures for each year in separate lines across the 13 periods and the target to be shown on this same graph as a bar graph. The ultimate aim is to show historical performance against the new sales returned target ceiling. Hopefully once we have 2018 data, I will be able to plot this on a line as well, or maybe a bar graph to graphically show how performance is against the sales returned ceiling target.


      Thank you very much in advance


      Merci beaucoup