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    Null in Parameter

    Scott Schmeling

      Good Morning,


      Trying to use Null as an option in a parameter.  Here are the formulas I am using:


      Determine which number to use: (A-BINB)

      If (IsNull([BINB Count])) Then [Actuals Calculation]

      Else (Int([BINB Count])) + [Actuals]



      Actuals Calculation:

      If Int([Parameters].[Month Parameter]) <= Int([Month]) Then Null


        [A-BINB Count]



      The issue is that no matter which Month is in the Month Parameter I end up with a Null in the final column.  This only happens if I use the IsNull- If I use a character for the default for (BINB Count) it works perfectly well.


      Any suggestions on why this might be happening.  It makes it a real pain for the Mobile version of the report.