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    Batch Edit Calculated Fields & Allow Calculated Fields refer to Database

    Paul Lu

      I have a bunch of raw data columns (say > 100), each of them have a spec, so I can calculate the Cpk (a measure of how distribution is doing agains the limit).


      So my raw data in SQL looks like:

      SN, Measure#1, Measure#2, .... , Measure#100


      And my spec table in SQL looks like:

      Measure #, USL, LSL

      Measure#1, 100,0

      Measure#2, 75,25


      It doesn't seems like there is a logical way for me to relationally join the two tables together, so I manually created 100 calculated field, example for Measure#1 CPK looks like this:



      But now the spec changed, and that means I have to go back and edit 100s of calculated fields one by one.



      - Is there a way to make editing of calculated fields more easily? i.e. make a list of all the calculated fields and their formula, so I can easily go thru the formulas and apply the change

      - Can I somehow manage limits for measures in a table, so that the calculated field refer to these limits and once the table is updated the calculated field result is also updated