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    Colour Bar Chart with Filter

    Imran Siddiq



      I know there is a solution for this using Parameters, however it's not the best for me, as a static parameter wouldn't work well (as our data refreshes daily and the casemix would grow/shrink), also the filters I use are limited to relevant values based on other filters.


      Attached is an example workbook with completely fake fields/values so please don't lose sleep trying to guess what this is used for.


      The Problem:

      The Dashboard has many charts that the user can click on to see various metrics/information.

      Various filters like Country, City, Person can be used to filter those charts.

      All great.


      But there is one Chart that will show all 'Person' in the data regardless of the 'Persons Filter'

      The Country and City Filter can still be used to filter the Persons Chart.


      What I want ... is when you select a Person(s) from the 'Person' Filter - it will:

      a) Filter all the charts except the Person Chart

      b) Rather than Filter the Person Chart, it will highlight/colour that Person.


      Currently the filter does not apply to that chart, but I need it to apply some dynamic-magic to add colour.


      Test T.png


      If parameters refreshed automatically when data refreshed, and they could be limited based on County and City, then I'd use that with no issues, but at the moment, I can't see that being usable.


      Many thanls


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