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    background image according to percentage


      So, I have done a wind rose diagram where I calculate the percentage of wind speed frequencies.


      I am using a background image where shows the percentages as circles.


      Right now, if you select filter :Wind speed group:  0-4 , you can see that the percentage fits the background image.

      In order to do so , I used X and Y fields in the Map->background images -> image  ==> X and Y Fields.


      But, as I understand I have to use the Percentage calculated filed in order for the other wind speed groups to work.


      But, If I try to use Percentage field in the background image , whatever values I insert, it is lost.


      Any help?



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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, George


          Not sure whether I understand what you want to achieve or not, but please find my solution to display the back ground for 5-8 as example attached.


          And below is the steps.



          Hope this helps



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            Hello Zhouyi Zhang,


            thanks for the help, but maybe I wasn't clear enough.


            As you can see with the new group filter you put, the percentages values do not correspond to the background image circle values which go from 5-10-15 %....


            I want the length of every slice (which shows the percentage) to correspond to the percentage of the image circles.


            If, from the image options I try to set some values to the X and Y fields (image fields) but use my percentage fileds, it shows no image.


            Right now, for 0-4 filter , every slice corresponds to the circle values but I am using X and Y fields.As I understand though, I have to use Percentage field.


            I hope it is more clear.