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    Action Filter in URL

    Sean Etheridge

      I am trying to pass multiple values from an action filter in a URL. This works on desktop but not once published to server. I have attached my TWBX which passes both quick filters and the one action filter in the URL.


      The part of the URL action that is not working is engagement_level=<FILTERVALUES(Action (engagement_level))>


      The URL appears blank for that filter when passing on Server.



      Desktop it appears correctly.



      I checked thread Use Action Filters in URL but it did not have a resolution that is working for me.


      Current Tableau version is 10.5.2


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          Sean Etheridge

          I was able to figure out a solution to this. I had the action filter target the page that contained the text for the URL action. On that page I created a calculation for the field being used in the action filter and added it to filters (actual field did not work, only calculation). I set the filter to only relevant values. I added the filter for this calculation to the dashboard and hid it by floating it off screen. The in the URL I added that filter instead of the action filter. It seems to work on both desktop and server now.