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    Adding an average indicator to a stack bar graph.

    Mike Raper

      Hey, Tableau gurus!  So I'm re-learning Tableau.  I can get on okay, but sometimes I get stuck. 


      I'm trying to build a 100% stack bar graph that shows the distribution of my scores, and then has a little indicator that also shows the mean.  Normally I'd accomplish this by just adding the mean for the items on the same shelf as the number of responses that generates the bars, and make them a dual-axis.  So, it would look like this:




      But when I do it, what I'm getting isn't an average score, even though I'm setting the numeric responses to an average measure.  I get this:




      It's not rolling up into one "button" with the mean; it's just displaying the mean for each point on the scale, separately.  I can't quite figure out why, because that mean score calculation is identical in both vizzes.  What I'm wanting is the bars to look like the bottom figure (people just don't seem to understand the sliding bar graph, and to be honest, while I can build it out it's a total pain so I don't mind not doing it) but that has the mean "buttons" like the top one.


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.