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    Tableau and Python Integration

    Myrto Dima


      I am trying to conduct a clustering analysis using  Python- Tableau integration and I am having an issue when using a parameter in a Python script inside Tableau Desktop.

      This is the calculated field for K means:


      import numpy as np
      from sklearn.cluster import KMeans
      from sklearn.preprocessing import StandardScaler
      x=np.column_stack([_arg1, _arg2,_arg3,_arg4])

      return db.labels_.tolist()

      ", SUM(["Petal.Length"]), SUM(["Petal.Width"]),
      SUM(["Sepal.Length"]),SUM(["Sepal.Width"]), [n clusters]


      [n clusters] is an integer parameter which I want to be interactive.


      This code gives me the following error:


      • An error occurred while communicating with the Predictive Service.
      • Error processing script
      • TypeError : %d format: a number is required, not list


      Is there a solution to this problem? I have also tried the same thing with R and doesn't work.


      Please find attached a demo .twbx file.