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    Snapshot for each quick Filter values in a pdf

    Vasu choudhury



      Below is my dashboard(4 sheets) layout with Country & Customer Name as quick filters.


      Lets say we have N customers for each country. Out of N, user might select <=N customers at a given point of time.



      I would like to download the snapshot for the selected N customers in a single pdf. Let's say user selected 10 customers from quick filters and click on download pdf, then i should get 10 pdf's for each customer snapshot + All Customers. Total 11 snapshots in a single pdf.


      I know we have some limitations in download. Also i checked few blogs(API's, Subscriptions,.bat) and couldn't find any relevant solution on the same.


      Please let me know if any one had implemented or come across such requirement or any work around.

      Note: This functionality should happen manually and from Dashboard(10.5), because user might select random Customers to print in pdf. Our dashboards are embedded in portal.