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    Percent of First Value using Table Calc (Advanced)


      At the risk of oversimplifying the data, I've attached a Tableau 10.5 twbx in order to know how I can use Table calculations to display all data points on the line chart as a percent of the first value (Value1) i.e. 250


      So instead of 250, 150 and 100, I want to use Table calcs to show 100%, 60% and 40%. I know one way to do this without Table Calcs would be to actually create an individual percent calculated field for all the 3 values. But in my use case, there's plenty of such individual values and creating a percent field for each will be very painful.


      I tried using the "Percent From" Table Calc relative to first value but it is giving weird results.



      All the 3 Value columns are in reality calculated Tableau fields which I think I cannot Pivot.

      Eg: Value1 is calculated as "IF [Duration] >=0 THEN 1 END". And SUM(Value1) comes to 250

      Similarly, Value2 is calculated as " IF [Duration] >=30 THEN 1 END"  and the total comes to 150


      At a row level, Person A can have '1' for Value1 and '1'  for Value2. So pivoting/combining them would seem infeasible.