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    IF THEN AND BETWEEN Calculation

    Cynthia Derksen

      I have a calculation that I am using to color my table.  It has four colors Red for > 5% below goal (Red); Yellow is within 5% of goal; and

      Light and Dark Green for those who have met goal.    Only the green colors of my formulas work. I reversed the order of the formula hoping that

      make it work.  I am sure there is a simple answer that I can't figure out.  Please share your knowledge.


      //Greater than 5% below goal

      If ([Rate]<([Goal]*0.95)) THEN "Red"


      //Less than Goal but within 5% of Goal

      ELSEIF (([Rate]<[Goal]) AND ([Rate]>([Goal]*0.95))) THEN "Yellow"


      // less than 100% and equal to or greater than Goal

      ELSEIF ([Rate]>=[Goal])THEN "Light Green"


      // outstanding score is 100%

      ELSEIF ([Rate]=1) THEN "Dark Green"




      I am trying to do conditional formatting on my table.

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          Wesley Magee


          Are [Rate] and [Goal] aggregates? Without seeing the actual data my first thought would be to wrap them in an appropriate aggregate (probably SUM or AVG) depending on your data.


          Did that help?



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            Chris McClellan

            Is [Rate] and [Goal] the same datatype and the same order of magnitude ?


            Usually in this sort of situation I create a new sheet showing [Rate], [Goal] and [the calculated field] to see where the problem is in the logic.


            Could it be a aggregated/non-aggregated issue ?


            Some sample data would be great if you need more help

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              Cynthia Derksen

              This is the current months data so, it selected by Max Date.

              The rate is simple num/denom =Rate for numerous measure.

              There are 6 locations and one of them is the GOAL.

              The goal is a national benchmark which changes between each measure.


              So, I created calculation of Goal is culled by

              IF ATTR([Location]="GOAL") THEN ([Rate]) END


              My table design is all locations are columns and the measures are rows with the T label being AGG(Rate)


              I have add an attachment.