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    Grand Total Color Coding Issue


      Hello folks,


      Good Afternoon.


      Hope everyone busy with works and waiting for Weekend.


      I have issue with Grand Total Coloring.


      Issue: When I applied certain condition for Color and placed in the color shelf.


      Condition is:

      IF [Segment]="Corporate" and [Category]="Furniture" and [Sub-Category]="Chairs"

      THEN "Green"


      [Segment]="Corporate" and [Category]="Furniture" and [Sub-Category]="Tables"

      THEN "Black"


      [Segment]="Consumer" and [Category]="Technology" and [Sub-Category]="Phones"

      THEN "Yellow"


      "Red" END


      Condition works perfect. How ever in the Grand Total has 3 different colors. I would like to exclude color for grand total and it suppose to Total with one Number.




      kettan Yuriy Fal Jim Dehner Shinichiro Murakami