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    sharing across instances

    Shauna wager

      Hey folks


      I am new to tableau and i have a question about the uses of desktop and cloud applications.  We have two differing desktop versions of tabluea from 2 different companies that we are wanting to share information.  We also have a cloud application.  what we want to do is be able to develop in the desktop application of the newer version and then promote to the desktop version or share to an older desktop version.  We also want to be able to promote it or share it with the cloud version.  Is this even possible?

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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          Hi Shauna- Starting Tableau 10.5 you can actually downgrade the workbooks to as far as 10.2 version. So if you develop a workbook in 10.5 and  "Export version as 10.2/10.3/10.4" you'll be able to open in either of those versions of Tableau Desktop. Coming to you next question, once you develop and dashboard and publish it to Server it would be available for sharing. You'll also have an option to "Turn On" Web authoring through which server users will be able to connect to published data sources and create workbooks online for ad-hoc analysis. Note that, Tableau online however lacks some key functionalities that Desktop offers. Desktop is best for full-fledged development and online is more of self-service analytics. Hope this helps.