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    Modifying a published data source; changing from "live" to "extract" and adding filters

    Ryan Cabrera

      Hey Team,


      New to tableau here but we have a project folder which contains the data sources from another project folder. I don't know if this is best practice but this is how it was already implemented. Anyways, Project A folder contains workbooks which have live connections to the Project 1 data sources. Project 1 data sources extracts that are refreshed on a daily basis. I want to modify the filter on one of the data sources and don't quite know how to do this.


      I've tried downloading the data source from Project 1, it saves as a TWB, and I've added the filters, but I'm unable to publish it. I tried downloading the TWBX file from Project A and publishing a data source for that, but it published as a "live" connection and I can't seem to get it to change to "extract"


      Sorry if this didn't make sense, but this extraction scheme is really not intuitive to me.