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    Help with what should be easy

    Adam Payne

      Hi everyone,


      I know that what I want to do is likely extremely easy, but I am starting with basically zero training and no one where I work knows Tableau either


      What I want to do is:


      • show the unique ID
      • show number of donations (donation ID) per unique ID
      • calculate and show average number of donations (donation ID) per Unique ID for the full data set
      • calculate ratio of number of donations per unique ID:average donations per unique id for the full data set
      • create a quntile value based on above ratio


      The different values are all easy to create, I just don't know how to make Tableau display them in the way I want. I'd like to have each row be a unique ID with each column to the right showing the values I described above. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!