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    best way to reconcile 2 data connections

    Ross Moffitt

      If I have one list (List A) of records with a few dimensions and a dollar amount, and I have another list (List B) with records, some different dimensions and a dollar amount - What would be the best way to compare and reconcile if List A records is included in List B and if List B records is included in List A, and if the dollar amounts match for the records that are in both? The curve ball is, What if you don't always know which list will have the larger population; it could vary every time.


      Does it make sense to add List A as a data connection, then add List B and do a left join (it appears full outer join is greyed out because I am working with spreadsheets)? And then would you do the inverse on a separate data source? Once the two lists are talking to each other, a simple calculated field could be used if the two dollar amounts match - But what would be the best way to determine if records are in one list but not the other?


      Any other approaches recommended?