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    Unable to scroll multiple sheets in dashboard

    Amit Darak



      I have made a dashboard which has 8 sheets in it. 4 on each side of the dashboard.


      They get dynamically selected when I click on the parameter on the right side. Problem that I am facing when i select product, sub product, scheme the sheets appear in front but I am not able to scroll them up or down.


      When I select location, I am able to scroll it because it is on the top.


      Also the height of the filters on the right side remain the same. So main product has 2 values, but the length of filter on right side is long, where as it should be only for 2 values. Basically size should increase or decrease as per the number of values in filter.


      From what I have read about it, it is related to containers but just not able to solve it.


      How do I go about it.


      I have attached a dummy packaged workbook for reference.