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    Highest_Date_Value_And _With Date

    rakesh jadhav

      Hi Team,


      Please find the attachment.

      I am facing a issue in calculation,what  I am looking for Highest value of every month with that day of highest value ,e.g 25-01-2018 have highest value 56321 in month January that value I need to pot in my bar chart with day of that month in bar chart,

      I am facing issue to pick highest value of every month, please can help me out of this.

      Thanks in advanced.

      Rakesh Jadhav

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          Simon Runc

          Wow Tableau 9.0...not used that for a long time (amazing to see how much the software has moved on!)


          but the problem....


          So one way will be to use FIXED LoDs to pick out the Date and Value we need, you can see how it works on the "How it Works" tab.


          I first created a formula (LoD) to pick up the max value from each month

          [Highest Value of Month]

          [Out] = {FIXED [Date (Month)]: MAX([Out])}


          and then use this to only populate the row for that value and date

          [Highest Value Out]

          IF [Highest Value of Month] THEN [Out] END




          [Highest Value - Date]

          IF [Highest Value of Month] THEN [Date] END


          We can then bring these onto the label of each chart



          Hope that helps and makes sense.

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            rakesh jadhav

            Hi Simon,

            Very very much thanks for yours reply and taking time for this, its solution really help me put.