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    Switch between two datasources



      I am using two data sources and using data blending between them@.

      data source.JPG


      View is kind of like this.


      I want to switch between the database based on the filter selection.

      When All the values from month filter are selected then data should come from the Monthly Invoice database. And when the user select any single or multiple months (not all values) then data should come from the Daily Invoice database.


      Is there any process to achieve this view?


      Note- I have already created sheet swapping parameter. But I want to switch between the databases based on the filter selection.

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          Hello Rohit,


          The ability to switch between a database based on a filter selection is not yet built into the Tableau product. But this would be an excellent Idea to share in the Ideas section of the Tableau Community to possibly be included in a next release.


          Ideas with more detail tend to get more votes and attention as they clearly state the additional functionality that you are looking for an the use case for the functionality.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick