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    How can I get my data to show me a full year on the line graph?

    Tiago-Mateus Korynek

      I have a line graph which is broken up into various flying years which allows me to hide certain years and only present 1 year at a time (in most cases the most recent flying year).


      The line graph is constructed with Week Start (Week numbers) along the X-Axis which comes from a spreadsheet for Week numbers. The reason for this is that my week numbers also need to correspond to week numbers in season (winter or summer), as well as the clocks changing at different points in the year each year.


      My raw data for delays only goes up to the 4th December 2017 (intentional for the sake of this problem that I am trying to address) meaning that the line chart is cut off at the week starting 4th December 2017. Is there a way that I can make the subsequent weeks which still fall under the Flying Year '17/'18 show in the line chart to make it a complete line chart? The flying year typically ends during mid to late March. There is no delay data for these weeks, but these weeks are specified in my spreadsheet with the week start dates in. I am not fussed if these extra weeks become null values or values where the TDR (the calculated percentages) is 0 or 100%.


      I am using Tableau 10.4.1


      If there is any more information that you require that might allow these weeks to appear on my charts, I would be happy talking through what I have done so far. Getting these extra weeks to appear is kind of critical as it makes the charts look silly when there is just a few weeks of data (e.g the first few weeks in the year).