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    Clear Parameters on sheet change

    Scott Schmeling

      Good afternoon,


      I have a workbook which contains the following Dashboards:  Employee Select and KPI Forecaster.  This is used for Managers to help Employees formulate their KPIs and what they need to work on in the coming months.


      The Manager selects an Employee from the Employee Selection sheet and it carries the filter to the KPI Forecaster.


      On the Forecast Report- the manager can select a month Parameter, which will then calculate out the employees KPIs for that month.  There is also a button to go back to the Employee select sheet so a Manager can look at other Employees.


      I would like the parameter data to reset when the Manager clicks the button to go back to the Agent List, however it doesn't.  When a new employee is chosen- the old parameter data is still in the data.


      Ie... I look at Employee A.  Switch the month to May.

           Go back to Employee list and Select Employee B

           Month Parameter still Reads May- I would like it to reset to the default.


      Any help would be appreciated.  I will strip down a Book to send a copy as soon as I can.


      I should add, using a URL Action instead of a Filter Action is not an option.