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    synchronize 2 Sheets with different Date Filter

    phalondon pha

      HI every one,


      i have a Dashboard with 2 Worksheets like this:

      • The Chart on the left shows Histograms for Sale on Filter Date  1
      • The Chart on the right shows Histograms for Sale on Filter Date 2




      Sheet 1:



      Sheet 2 is the same as Sheet 1


      I tried to synchronize 2 Axes of 2 Charts but it's very difficult because the 2 Charts uses 2 Date range Filter, therefore i can"t calculate LOD for MAX of Percentage Value.

      I would like to ask if you have any Idea to do it?. i can even work with  the Data in Backend Database if it's need (for example: insert new column/change Data type of Columns on Datasource if it's need for building Tableau Report...)


      i attached the test Excel Datasource