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    Multiple Server Filters

    Paul Gonzalez

      When I connect to a Tableau server, and I extract data using a filter my dashboards work beautifully.  When I specify multiple filters, they work beautifully.  However, when I save my dashboard and try to open them again from the server, the filters are applied in the wrong order and I get NO data.


      Does anyone have any advice for keeping filter rules in order?

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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi Paul,


          When you say, you are connecting to tableau and applying a filter, do you mean it as the data source filters?


          Can we have some more info on the steps followed to arrive at this issue?

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            Paul Gonzalez

            Yes, I'm referring to data source filters on a live server connection.  And since I originally asked the question I've narrowed the problem down a little more.  These are my server filters:



            The are not listed in the order that I created them.  I created them in the following order:

            1. Filtered for Site Name

            2. Filtered for Alert Comment Type

            3. Filtered for Initiated Timestamp, keeping the newest value.


            The image above is the order that they present themselves after I close the filter window and reopen, and after I save and then reopen. They alphabetize themselves.  However, I just noticed that when I create the third filter, 'Initiate TImestamp'  this is the dialog:




            And I select the 'Filter to latest date value when workbook is opened' checkbox.  I need that same filter to be applied after the other two have been applied.  In other words, I need to filter for the newest value after the first two filters have been applied.  Any ideas?

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              Paul Gonzalez

              Thanks for your help.  The thread linked below gave me the alternative answer I needed.