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    Is there a way to know who's running a particular query off of a Published Data Source?

    ShivaRam Chennapragada

      So this is a really frustrating problem we admins face, we have couple of published data sources that contain transaction level data (millions of records) with a live connection to backend SQL Server. Few of our users unintentionally or intentionally just drag all Measure Names / Values to the view, notice the blunder and cancel the operation thinking they just killed the query. But NO, problem starts here - Tableau server still keeps querying our SQL Server at the backend, we asked our DBA to set up a warning alert so when a query reaches 20 Minutes, for every minute we get a notification with detailed query listed. We could ask DBA to kill the query but we'd also like to know how to identify who actually started it. Some queries won't even make sense, like for example since yesterday we're seeing this new kind of data pull that an unknown user is performing which would return at least 1.6 million rows of data, this they're doing it multiple times. I have been getting alerts as I am typing this, one query has been running for 52 mins and the other 37 mins.



      We're unable to identify the "culprit" as the username says "tableau service account" other than sending a mass email to all Desktop users. Any ideas or suggestions in this case? any tools?


      Thank you,

      Shiva Ram.