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    How to prevent filtering on one worksheet from impacting another sheet on the dashboard

    Rahul Baheti



      I am using Tableau Desktop 10.4. I have six sheets - (Driver_1 and Driven_1), (Driver_2 and Driven_2) and (Driver_3 and Driven_3) .


      Driver_1 has the count (bar graph) in each of the categories and Driven_1 has the top 5 subcategories (in all categories if no specific category is chosen and within the specific category if a category is chosen. I set this up in two separate ways using Add to context, Rank()). The other two sets of sheets are set similarly.


      (Note: The categories and subcategories on each of the three sets (Driver_1 and Driven_1), (Driver_2 and Driven_2) and (Driver_3 and Driven_3) are referencing different columns in the database and not the same pair of columns.)


      I added these sheets on a dashboard. I want to use Driver_1 to drive the results on Driven_1. So, I set Driven_1 to "Use as filter" and when I chose a category on Driven_1, the dashboard shows me the top 5 subcategories within that category on Driven_1. My problem is it also impacts the results on Driver_2, Driver_3, Driven_2 and Driven_3. I was able to resolve the issue for Driver_2 and Driver_3 by simply using "Ignore Actions". But I cannot do the same for Driven_2 and Driven_3 since I want them to be driven by the choices on Driver_2 and Driver_3 respectively. Although I used "Apply to Selected Worksheets" it still adds Action Filters to Driven_2 and Driven_3 when I select a specific category on Driver_1.


      Is there a way around this? I understand that selecting a category on Driven_1 is limiting the number of records that are visible to Driven_2 and Driven_3, but I would like them to be using all records from the database.