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    What is wrong with the Domain Padding & Data Densification I've performed to create a Sankey Chart?

    Dhruv Narayanan

      I have a doubt regarding Sankey Diagram. Needs a tad elaboration. Check the small excel sheet attached.


      In the Excel Data source to which I have connected , I originally had 4 columns - Date, Store Name, Earning as well as Spending. I created a new column called ID (incrementing integer) because that's what I believe is a must, ie some sort of ID to create a Sankey Diagram.


      Also, Store Name is in the cycle A,B,C,D followed by A,B,C,D and so on. Here, I wanted to create a Sankey diagram between Store Name and Earning with ID underneath.


      So here, I created a calculated field 'ToPad' as follows:


      IF [ID]= {FIXED [Store Name],[Earning]:MIN([ID])} THEN 1 ELSE 49 END

      ie It looks at each combination of 'Store Name' & 'Earning' and finds the Minimum of ID in that case. If it is minimum, it assigns the calculation a value of 1 and a value of 49 in the other case.



      Now, when I create bins for the same, named Padded, it only gives me a single value of 1 and no sign of 49 even when I am showing the missing values. What is wrong with my approach in this case?


      Jim Dehner Amy Schneider Sandy Wu Any help would be hhighly appreciated.