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    Apply multiple filter action on click of a single button

    Amit Darak



      I am currently working on a dashboard where I use around 25 filters.


      The problem is when I select multiple values from a drop down of 1 filter, each selection takes 2-3 seconds. So if in a filter I have 100 values and I need to select 5 values it takes 5*2 = 10 seconds for just 1 filter.

      Then I click on another filter which again has around 50 values and I want to select 10 values which will take 10*2 = 20 seconds approx.


      Likewise I have 25 filters from where I need to select multiple values from each filter and the entire selection takes around 4-5 minutes.


      My requirement is I should select values across multiple filters first and then when I click on process button(as shown in the image attached), all my selected values from different filters should be applied at once, which will reduce my time from current 4-5 minutes to approx 20 seconds.


      Attached is a sample store workbook where I have currently used 3 filters. In real time data I have 25 filters more than 1 million records which slows down the entire process.Case1.PNG


      Is there a way to do that??