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    Tableau Certification

    Sarika Malik

      Can anyone help me solve this question by using sample supurstore and Sample Coffee dataset.

      In 2012, what is the percent contribution of sales for Decaf in the East market? (Perform all the questions in Tableau 9.0 and connect to the Saved Sample-Superstore dataset)

      I am not able to reach the answer 48.942%

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          Wesley Magee


          I'm a bit confused by this as the Coffee Chain set only has data for 2010 and 2011? To answer this question for 2010 or 2011 you would first need to bring in the Coffee Chain data with the "factTable" as your primary table and a left join to Location (using Area Code) and a left join to Product using Customer ID.


          From there you would bring Type and SUM(Sales) into your view and turn the SUM(Sales) into a "Percent of Total" table calculation. Lastly, add a Market filter to only show the East region and a Date filter to pick the year of interest.



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            Sarika Malik

            Hi Wesley,


            Thank you for your response..


            Year is confusing for me too, it's not forecasting question. In fact i did blending with Superstore data and took year as 2012 but no success. I am not getting the answer.




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              Swathy k

              Hi Sarika,


              I had the same problem earlier, but came up with a solution, not sure if the method is correct though.

              put the year in column shelf, territory in Row Shelf.

              Move the sales and calculate % of the total, Then use Type in Filter and select Decaf.


              I have used only Coffe chain dataset.

              Let me know if this helps.

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                Paulo Dantas

                Hi Sarika,


                did you get your question answered?


                If yes, please choose the right answer or describe how you did to close the thread.


                Best regards.