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    Email Subscription .png Image in Email

    Christopher McKinnish

      I cannot find ANY information on this whatsoever and appears to be another shortcoming from Tableau.

      Scenario:  I have a viz, one-dashboard.  I have three views setup for the Dashboard



      Dems are set as....

      • Desktop - 1920 x 1080
      • Tablet - iPad Mini @ 1024 x 780
      • Phone - iPhone @ 7+ 414 x 736


      The email subscription has been sending out the .png image that appears to have been generated from the Tableau View.  Friday I made a simple color change to the viz, changing the default color mark center point from .15 to .20.  Ever since I did that, the view that is now generated is the Phone View.  And now it appears that phone view it appears to now be coming from the Phone View.  The difference between Desktop/Tablet and the phone is the phone does not include any of the trend charts (to much room on the phone). Not do I want it to, but I need to maintain all three views


      I cannot find anywhere what viz Tableau is using to generate the email subscription.  Why tableau does not have this as a separate option when creating the dashboard seems to me to be a big miss.


      Anyone have any suggestions?