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    Multiple filters from other dashboards in 'OR' configuration

    Jan Jenko



      I have 3 worksheets, all accessing the same data source. Say I have fields 'Category' and 'Quantity'.


      In worksheet #1 I have filter1 on 'Category' where I select multiple values, in worksheet #2 I have filter2 on 'Category' where I again select multiple (potentially different) values.


      In worksheet #3 I'd like to show data for elements in 'Category' that are selected in either filter1 or filter2. However, if I simply go to worksheets #1 and #2 and apply filters filter1 and filter2 to worksheet #3 (by going to the worksheet, right-clicking on the filter, selecting 'Apply to worksheets' and picking worksheet #3), then the filters filter out all categories, unless the category is included in both filter1 and filter2; filters in Tableau stack together under the AND operator. I'd like them to stack under an IF operator.


      I understand this most probably cannot be done, and so I'm thinking of alternatives. I cannot use parameters instead (as suggested in this thread: Multiple filters in OR configuration) since filter1 and filter2 take multiple values and parameters can only take one. I could create a parameter with all possible combinations as valid values but that solution would be both a pain to create and use, so I don't want to go that way. I could create 20-something parameters, one for each 'Category' (again, as the thread above suggests), but again, this would be ugly to use (especially given how I can currently hide certain values in the filter based on Paramater1 and Paramater2 (see sample workbook)).


      So, any other ideas on how I could somehow 'access' the filtered values?



      In the attached workbook, Sheet 3 is currently not functional. It separates the values based on whether or not they are category A or B, not on whether they are selected in filter1 or filter2.

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          Mark Holtz

          Yeah, OR is tricky.


          The only thing I can think to do here is create a master "concatenated" field of all your field inputs.

          Then give the user a quick filter on wildcard (you could expose multi-select if you want, but that could be really ugly).

          That way, they can type a full or partial entry and get the results.


          You could duplicate the concatenated field to give them a "2nd wildcard" filter to further refine the result set.

          (and repeat duplication for however many you think would be useful)