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    Clear selected filter when using buttons and actions to navigate dashboards

    Nick Whimster



      I've created some faux buttons from sheets to use as navigation between my dashboards. These have dashboard actions attached to them to take the user to a dashboard on selecting the button.

      The problem I have is that when a user returns to the dashboard they have left, the button is still highlighted from their previous selection. This means that they will have to select the button twice, once to deselect the highlight and again to leave the dashboard again.


      I have seen quite a few solutions for creating these navigation buttons but nothing ever mentions this issue of double clicking the button to exit a previously viewed dashboard.


      I have included an example of this issue. If you select a region in the dashboard 1 you get a menu to go to dashboard 2. If you use the button on dashboard 2 to return then go back to dashboard 2 you will see the button is highlighted so you have to deselect it before being able to use it to return to dashboard 1.


      I know it's not a major problem but it's annoying and It would be great if anyone has resolved this before?