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    Sum of production between two dates using blending

    Damien Besnard


      I'm trying to do some analysis using  data from produced articles and their characteristics by using data blending but I can't figure out how to do it properly. I've found some solutions that all works if all the data are in one source but unfortunately nothing working on separate Data sources.


      The main idea is that I have the produced numbers in one Data source and the information about the different Versions of the articles in another incl. their start and end of production


      What I'd like is to be able to combine both sources to either see which version of the article was produced in each quarter (Sheet 1 in the packaged workbook) or how many of each version was produced (Sheet 2 in the packaged workbook).


      I've tried several things also using for example WINDOW_SUM but each time I can't get the information I need because the aggregation is always done on the complete article instead of only the one version.


      I also don't really want to join both tables unless there's really no other solution because the real data are made of hundred thousands articles over several Production years, each having between 10 and 20 Versions.


      Thank you for any help