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    How to filter rows based on columns from another document

    Hailey Daus

      I can't figure something out!


      I have two documents. Here is a simplified version of my main document #1:


      IDGenderOccupation Title
      Factor 1Factor 2
      Factor 3Factor 4
      ...Factor 501
      4M PhD325311


      I then have other document #2 that lists the factors that I want to look at (theres about 150 of them):


      Relevant Factors
      Factor 14

      Factor 28

      Factor 201
      Factor 78


      In theory I could individually go through the ones mentioned in document 2 and hide the irrelevant ones in document 1, but there has to be a quicker way.


      I only want my document #1 to focus on the factors mentioned in document #2. Is there a way to filter them so I can group all the relevant factors together in document #1? Would I join or blend these documents? How?


      I'm a newbie so thanks in advance!!