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    Refresh Workbook in the Production Server

    Juhn Mer

      Dear Tableau folks,


      How do I make my published workbook refreshing without republishing the workbook again?


      My current scenario: My data source is an excel file saved on my local drive (Desktop). My workbook is connected to it via Live connection. Whenever I change my excel file, I would go to my workbook and refresh the data source manually. It would update, no issue on that. Going to the production server, I see that workbook is not updating and I have no choice but to re-publish.


      1. What should I change in my connection/publishing settings, so production server is refreshed regularly and automatically, whenever the workbook is updated? By the way, even clicking Refresh button is not updating my workbook in the server.

      2. On the Tableau workbook level, do I really need to refresh it manually when I update my excel file in my local? Is there no auto-refresh?


      Basically, I want my workbook to update and the production server to update, too, whenever I do a change in my excel file data source. I am also okay with the option of clicking Refresh button in the production server.


      Would you guide me please on where to check or what to change in the settings?


      Thanks so much for the help and for your future questions or clarifications.