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    Dashboard URL filter, excluding a worksheet...

    Emmanuel Iturbide

      Hello to everybody:


      I've been working on this several days. I need help...


      My problem is that I need to pass some filters trough the URL, I'm using the embed code for this, and it works, but my dashbord have four worksheet and I need that one of them not aply the filter. I've been using the param FILTER:


      "<param name = 'filter' value='" + entidad.ToString() + "&" + ejercicio.ToString() + "'/>"


      And I'm passing the filters "entidad" and "ejercicio", but in one worksheet I just need apply the filter for "ejercicio".


      Is it posibble?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Mark Holtz

          I don't think it's possible to pass a url parameter to only some of the views on a dashboard, but not others.


          However, I think you could work around this by:

          1) Duplicating the field you are using as the filter in the url

          2) Name the duplicate field slightly differently (I'll call it [Copy of Filter])

          3) Add the [Copy of Filter] to only the views you want it to impact

          4) change the url parameter to pass values to the [Copy of Filter] field.


          That way, you can leave the "Original Filter" alone, or even expose it for the users on the dashboard if desired...