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    Displaying different data on each bar of a stacked bar chart

    Richard Couillard

      Hi. I have a couple of questions and have attached the twbx file. I am using Tableau 10.5.2


      1. In the "FY18 Project/Client" Worksheet in the attached file, I would like to display a "Sum" on the lower bar of a stacked bar chart and the "% of Total" on the top bar of the stacked bar chart. I know how to display the same content on both bars but cannot figure out how to display different things on each bar.
      2. In the "Dashboard" worksheet, I would like to "Phase 3" and "Phase 4" into a single phase that displays the aggregation of the two phases. I looked at Sets and Groups but neither appears to do what I need. The input source is an Excel sheet where each phase is a separate column which I have had to pivot (transform) in Tableau in order to perform functions on the data correctly. I don't want to have to manipulate the data in Excel as I am trying to leverage Tableau to automate the process as much as possible. Any idea on how I can "merge" these 2 phases so the data is combined correctly for addition and average calculations?