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    Selecting row to use based on cell content

    Richard Couillard

      Hi. I need to filter what appears in my Views based on the following criteria but don't know how to do it. I am hoping someone more experienced in Tableau than I might know how. I have attached a copy of the Tableau twbx file. I am using version 10.5.2


      In the projects worksheet you will see a listing of projects broken down by client and Project #. You will also see that some projects have multiple rework versions, indicated by a "(Vx)" in the Project name. There could be more than one rework project as shown in TBU-1-P8 where there is the initial project and then a (V2) and a (V3) version of the project.


      I only want to use the latest version of that project in my Views but don't know how to create or set a filter to identify projects that have a rework version and then only use the latest version for calculating cost etc..


      Thoughts / Suggestions?



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          Here is a suggestion that is specific to the shown Project# naming convention.

          You can first group all the same base projects by stripping off the () part using [Project # Base]:

          IF FIND([Project #],"(")=0 THEN [Project #]

          ELSE LEFT([Project #],FIND([Project #],"(")-2)



          Then you can get the Max Project using [MaxProject]:

          { FIXED [Project # Base]:MAX([Project #])}


          Then you can filter with:

          [Project #]=[MaxProject]


          Please see sheets "Full Table" and "Filtered Table"

          in the workbook attached in the Forum thread.