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    One Dashboard in workbook loading slow on server all the sudden... restart server?

    Ben Perlman

      I have a workbook with about 10 dashboards that I uploaded about 2 weeks ago.  They've all been performing well, but this week one of the dashboards (historically the most efficient, simple dashboard that previously loaded quickest) is taking the longest to load, and all filters take significantly longer to load (all loading off extracts)


      There hasn't been any recent upload that could have caused this (we replicated it from a few different machines).  Other dashboards that use the same datasource are working okay. We haven't been rebooting the server regularly.    Could this be a factor and would this be the first thing you try?


      Would this make you think it is a server issue? What would your checklist look like of things to try? I want to share this with our local server admin

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          Hi Ben,


          One of the first things I would look into is running a performance recording on the workbook on the Tableau Server, if possible, when it is performant and then when it slows down again. The performance recording will show a lot of information about what is causing the workbook to load and where the load time is being experienced.


          + Create a Performance Recording

          There is a great breakdown of how to analyze the performance recording here: Interpret a Performance Recording


          Another place to check the "Performance of Views" administrative view on the Tableau Server. This can be used to see if the slow downs of the Viz conicide with potentially just increased user traffic.


          + Performance of Views


          I would not say that rebooting the Tableau Server would ever be the first thing I would try. One thing that could be checked is the log folder if it has never cleaned out or emptied. I would suggest a process of archiving and cleaning the logs folder to keep disk space available on the machine running Tableau Server.


          Hope these tips get you started!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Ben Perlman

            Thanks Patrick.


            I can't find "Performance of Views", but do see Stats for Load Times.  Same with Performance Recording on the server.  I don't have the "Settings" tab at the top, so even though I'm an admin I might not have all admin access.  I will check.


            For Stats for Load Times, I find the below interesting. For all other dashboards in the workbook, load times are consistent.  However, for the dashboard that is performing slowly on the server, there is a big increase mid April.  I find this interesting because there were no changes made, no republishing, nothing during this time frame.  Last republishing was in March, and there weren't any changes made to this dashboard during that time.  This was always the fastest performing dashboard.  There are other dashboards that use the same datasource and don't have an issue.