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    Tableau Server Embed Code with SSO

    sophie fang

      Tableau desktop and tableau server both in version 10.5


      SSO SAML is enabled for Tableau. Our internal website called as Portal also has SSO enabled.

      Portal has a embed Tableau View.

      The problem we face right now is when user login to Portal via SSO server. When they look at the embed tableau code. Even with a valid SSO ticket, they still see Tableau Login button. shown in below. User has to click on the Sign in button, although due to the SSO, it's not required again for the userName and pwd. But it seems like, user has to click on the button within the browser to establish it's session with Tableau Server.

      I have tried things like windows.open another tab with tableau server url every 20 mins to make sure the tableau server session is at least valid when SSO ticket is valid. This method is working; however, it's just not nice. It opens a tiny window with tableau server, wait for seconds so as to make sure the session has time to be established then window.closes it.


      Things like detect if the sign in to Tableau Server shows up then click does not seem like to work as it's part of the iframe?



      We have a our own website embed with tableau views.