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    I think this is probably something simple I'm just not seeing, but...

    Mel Buckner

      First of all - I can't upload a twbx....I work in healthcare and it would constitute a HIPAA violation.  That said, just consider the countd of 'csn' in the screenshot to be a countd of an id number.  that's all it is..


      so what I am trying to do here is get a cumulative total of how many patients were seen in the hours of the day - in my filter, I'm selecting all the days of the week - I want Tableau to total the number of patients seen in say, the 1200 hour of the day and total it for the number of days/months/years I select in my filter.


      I feel like it's a matter of a setting, and/or arranging the pills in the right order...


      I can't just sum up the csn cause its a 12 digit number that just looks silly when I change the calc to sum.


      Any input will be welcome.  Thanks!!