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    Getting the filter values pre-selected based on another filter

    Kapil Lehar

      HI All,


      I have a workbook in which I have 2 filters, Dealer Name and Serial No.

      pre filtering.png


      Dealer Name is a single value list.

      Based on the dealer name selected, I want to show that serial no which the dealer has ordered maximum times

      Eg for Dealer D 100, the serial no ak101 appears 3 times and serial no ak102 appears 2 times.

      So since count of ak101 is greater than count of ak102 for dealer D 100, I should get the serial no filter preselected to value : 'ak101' for dealer D 100


      This is a little tricky but looks possible as I saw this on one of the blogs(link below). What I want to achieve is slightly different than what is shown here.

      How to dynamically set default values for quick filters | Tableau Software



      All excel and twbx files can be found here