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    Treemap: rectangles should always add up to 100%?

    Yi Cao

      I have a question about Treemap. I understand treemaps use a series of nested rectangles to represent hierarchical relationships of parts to whole. My understanding is that parts (rectangles) should always add up to 100% (the whole). For instance, the whole can be three comparison groups in a Treemap, or can be just one large group by itself. In the comparison groups case, each comparison group is a whole, and rectangles within the group should add up to 100%.


      However, recently I saw a treemap that has percentage labels for all nested rectangles, the percentages don't add up to 100%. There is no obvious comparison groups in the graph either. I am wondering if I need to label rectangles in a treemap with a percentage, what best practice should I follow to avoid mis-interpretation? Thank you!