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    Tableau Desktop 10.3 -> Tableau Server 10.5 Compatibility

    Eric Liong

      Hi all,


      Might be obvious but we're upgrading from 10.3.5 and going to 10.5.2 shortly.

      Has anyone noticed any compatibility issues from using an older desktop version?


      Online help says we can use 10.5 published data sources unless there are new features. Are there any to be aware of? Hyper itself doesn't seem to cause any issues as we've been able to use 10.2 to use 10.5 published (and refreshed) data sources.


      If the entire organization is still working on 10.3 I don't believe we'd have any workbooks using Hyper extracts internally so that wouldn't be an issue.


      For sanity purposes is there anything else we're missing or are we good to upgrade the server ahead of the desktop?

      Thanks for the sanity check!






      Pre-Upgrade Tasks

      Note: We recommend that you disable any automated tasks and schedules that result in an extract upgrade. If you have desktop versions that have not yet been upgraded to 10.5, your desktop users will not be able to open the upgraded .hyper extracts. You may also want to first test a few extracts manually after doing the server upgrade, and then reenable any schedules or automated refresh tasks.

      Version Compatibility Between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server

      Connecting to Tableau Server-based data sources

      Workbooks in Tableau Desktop can use data sources that have been published to later versions of Tableau Server. However, if you connect to a data source that uses features that aren't in that earlier version of Tableau Desktop, those fields are unavailable.


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          Eric Liong

          So far I've found this the most helpful.

          Onboarding your team with Hyper | Tableau Software


          To my knowledge it doesn't look like there will be any issues as long as we:

          Upgrade the server first

          Either -  Upgrade all desktops at once  OR let users upgrade in a self service fashion. This would mean any compatibility issues within the team can be resolved by simply having the rest of the team upgrade

          Ensure publishers have existing copies of their workbooks available. - This avoids issues with the server upgrading a workbooks extracts to hyper or other people publishing their content in a newer version

               The above usually seems to be the case anyways. I haven't known many users to trust the server with the only copy of their work


          I'm going to run under these assumptions for now but let me know if I missed anything.