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    View metric by previous Quarter, current Quarter by Month, and Next Quarter

    John Quintana



      I have a data table that show metrics by Previous Quarter, Current Month, and Next Quarter using the following calculated field in the columns shelf:


      if (DATEDIFF('quarter', Today(), [Effective Date])=-1 OR

      DATEDIFF('quarter', Dateadd('year',-1,Today()), [Effective Date])=-1)

      then str(year(dateadd('quarter', -1, today())))


      + ' ' + str(datepart('quarter', dateadd('quarter',-1, today())))




      DATEDIFF('quarter', Today(), [Effective Date])=1


      DATEDIFF('quarter', Dateadd('year',-1,Today()), [Effective Date])=1

      then str(year(dateadd('quarter', 1, today())))


      + ' ' + str(datepart('quarter', dateadd('quarter', 1, today())))




      DATEDIFF('month', Today(), [Effective Date])=0


      DATEDIFF('month', Dateadd('year',-1,Today()), [Effective Date])=0

      then str(datename('month', today()))




      Here is what the current view looks like:


      Where the calculated field displays "April" I need a break down of the Current Quarter by month.


      Basically, I need to modify this to show previous Quarter as a whole, Current Quarter by Month, and Next Quarter as a whole.


      Thank you!