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    BOX connection - 10.5

    Jay Siva


      I am trying to establish a connection between Tableau 10.5 and BOX.com using the native connector; unfortunately, my connection is not fully established


      I follow the instructions as mentioned here:



      1) It looks like that I am connected to Box, but I don't find any content within it. Am I really connected to Box?



      2) As soon as I grant access, my browser throws the following error:



      I would appreciate your help. Thank you so much.





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          Hello Jay,


          When you are granting access please only select the grant access button once during the authentication process. Selecting it multiple times will cause the connection to error. I would completely shutdown Tableau and clear your browser cache and then retry the authentication.


          If that does not work I am curious what browser the authentication is launching in?


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Archit Patel

            Hi Patrick Byrne,


            I tried the solution - closing down tableau and cleaning cache of browser (Chrome), but still receiving the same error.
            Also tried other browsers - Edge and IE.

            Tried restarting the computer, but still no solution.
            We have Okta for Single sign-on, it goes past through that screen, logs me in and shows "Grant access to Box" button. The moment I click on it, shows the same error.



            Appreciate your help on this.