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    WDC extract on server hangs

    Jason Scarlett

      I have a REDCap WDC that works on Tableau Desktop, but will not refresh on the Tableau Server (v10.5.2). I did have it working once, but now when I refresh the extract it runs for 12+ hours (shows under background task extracts) and then disappears.


      1. Where is the best place to get log files of the errors related to a WDC extract?
        I have been looking here: ...\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\logs\backgrounder\backgrounder-#.log and haven't seen any error messages there.
      2. Has anyone seen an extract hang or know a possible cause?
        The last entry in the backgrounder file is:
        2018-04-17 09:46:28.911 -0600 (Default,,,30F440732CCB4F7AB55CDF637623BB92,4130643,:refresh_extracts,-) pool-4-thread-1 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.sos.Access.extract - inject folder D:\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\dataengine\extract\54\9a\{15AD4B62-007F-4950-9DA4-A19C1DC570EE} into {15AD4B62-007F-4950-9DA4-A19C1DC570EE}
        ... then nothing .. and it disappears from the status page.




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          Hello Jason,


          I would verify that the WDC has been set up properly on the Tableau Server. Verifying the password for the data source is embedded in the connection as well as putting the WDC on the safe list for the Tableau Server.


          More information can be found here on how to verify both of these things: Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server


          If that does not work, can you possibly look in the backgrounder logs for any failures or errors that occur. They may not be the very last entry in the log file.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Jason Scarlett

            Hi Patrick,

            I have embedded the password and white-listed the WDC as best I can. I had this working on server v10.3 a few months ago, but now on v10.5 I can't get it to work (I'm not sure if the version upgrade has anything to do with it). When I tested it before I could see the errors in the log file but now i can't seem to see any errors.


            1. For some reason it looks as though the Server is "checking" if the web data connector is local .... not sure why, but then it throws an error.
            2. And we have nothing to do with Anaplan .. so where is this coming from? If I browse this URL my browser hangs.



            2018-05-01 08:18:38.906 -0600 (Default,,,,4165206,:refresh_extracts,-) pool-4-thread-1 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.workers.RefreshExtractsWorker - Checking if web data connector url 'https://share.ahsnet.ca:443/teams/DIMR/SA-Team/Tableau/TableauLibrary/REDCapWDC.html' in Workbook '_End User Registrations via REDCap' with repository  url '_EndUserRegistrationsviaREDCap' is whitelisted


            2018-05-01 08:18:38.917 -0600 (Default,,,,4165206,:refresh_extracts,-) pool-4-thread-1 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.core.util.WebDataConnectorHelper - Checking for webdataconnector at url http://localhost/teams/DIMR/SA-Team/Tableau/TableauLibrary/REDCapWDC.html


            2018-05-01 08:18:38.935 -0600 (Default,,,,4165206,:refresh_extracts,-) pool-4-thread-1 : WARN  com.tableausoftware.core.util.WebDataConnectorHelper - Caught an IO exception while trying to check if web data connector is local: http://localhost/teams/DIMR/SA-Team/Tableau/TableauLibrary/REDCapWDC.html


            2018-05-01 08:18:38.937 -0600 (Default,,,,4165206,:refresh_extracts,-) pool-4-thread-1 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.domain.content.WebDataConnectorService - Populating default whitelist config...


            2018-05-01 08:18:38.950 -0600 (Default,,,,4165206,:refresh_extracts,-) pool-4-thread-1 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.domain.content.WebDataConnectorService - Inserting authMode information for url https://beta-connectors.tableau.com:443/anaplan/anaplan/1/anaplan.html

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              Namrata Sawant

              Hi Jason,


              I am stuck with this exact same log entries, did you get any luck in figuring out why the Server is "checking" if the web data connector is local. And where is the Anaplan coming from?

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                Jason Scarlett

                I have a call with tableau tech support tomorrow. Will update after.

                I did notice that if i get rid of the secondary whitelist files it starts to work ... need to understand why as this in not how i understand it should work.

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                  Namrata Sawant

                  Hi Jason,


                  Thanks so much for your response! I just submitted a support ticket too, will update too after if it works on my end.

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                    Namrata Sawant

                    Hi Jason,


                    Were you able to resolve this WDC refresh error? It will be so great and helpful if you could share how this got fixed at your end?


                    Thanks much!!

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                      Jason Scarlett

                      Yes an no


                      I think the root cause is that the secondary whitelist URLs contain some special characters (a bunch of dashes). DOS is very picky with using the right dash. I always copy and paste my code from MS Word into Notepad++ and then copy and pasting again into DOS. I thought that Notepad++ would remove the custom dashes/formatting, but I am wrong, it was keeping the long dashes. So for now, I've removed the secondary whitelist altogether and both WDC are working.


                      I am still going to add the secondary whitelists back in as this is best practice. But for now I am fairly certain it is a formatting issue within the whitelist URLs.



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                        Namrata Sawant

                        Thanks for your quick response! A couple of questions I have here:


                        1. Does that mean "secondary whitelist" is optional?


                        2. Sorry I am new to WDC and I have been just given a single URL (.html) for the web connector. I have already added that URL to the server whitelist. How do I know if I should be configuring something as a secondary whitelist too?


                        Thanks much!!

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                          Jason Scarlett

                          1. I had previously thought that secondary whitelists were required .. but after this experience, it seems that they may be optional. Just my opinion.


                          2. Make sure you enable WDC on the server and restart the Tableau Server for the WDC to take effect. The secondary whitelist should be done for any 'resources' that the WDC uses. For me I added any remote .js or .css or .png files that the WDC html was referencing.

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                            Namrata Sawant

                            Thank you! I did everything you mentioned, still the refresh takes forever and eventually time outs after 2 hours.

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                              Jason Scarlett

                              From the server open Tableau desktop and test the WDC ... make sure it works there, before troubleshooting the refresh via the server.


                              Jason Scarlett

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                                Namrata Sawant

                                Unable to refresh the extract locally from Tableau Desktop on the server box.

                                Also the WDC is only accessible from within the company's network whereas the Tableau Server is installed on AWS. Do you think this might cause this issue. I assumed no matter where the WDC is installed, the whitelisting should take care of this.


                                Thank you!

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                                  Paulo Dantas

                                  Hi Jason,


                                  you solved the issue?


                                  If yes, choose the correct answer or describe how you did to close the thread.


                                  Best regards.