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    LoD needed?  Unsure why the breakdown gives a static total sum

    Stephen Groff

      Good Day to everyone.


      I am new to Tableau so forgive my ignorance.


      I've added to different tables to my Tableau workbook:  Machines (the number of machines built) and Defects (the number of defects recorded during the assembly process).


      The goal is to get the Defects per Unit.  Simple math Defects/Machines = DPU.


      Believe it or not I've been working for a solid week trying to get my data to show me accurate DPUs for our facility, but I cannot.  All of this information is in a single table with 160 columns and a million rows... It's convoluted and I don't know what I'm doing, so I created 2 custom SQL queries and I'm using those to blend the data.


      My question here....  My DPU is being calculated incorrectly because my Machine count is a SUM total.  I've created a 'Date' relationship so I am unsure why that isn't taking care of this problem.  See the attached picture to understand my issue.


      Anyway... I need the total number of machines built for EACH month, not the total SUM of machines built.  I believe this requires an LoD calculation, but I am uncertain.


      Any solutions or guidance would be appreciated.  Please don't tell me to take the online courses... I've done them all... Twice.