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    Using reset button for filter from second data source (V 9.3)




      *I apologize but I am unable to post the workbook due to the sensitivity of the data*


      I have created a reset button using an action filter to reset the filters on a dashboard. One of the filters is a dimension (I'll call it "Service") that comes from a different data source than the source used for the rest of the graphs and filters in the dashboard - the dimension is linked to the main data source through a common dimension between the two sources.


      However, the Service filter doesn't show up as an option as a target filter under Dashboard > Actions > *Filter Name* > Edit > Target Filters > Selected Fields > Add Filter > Field. In this screen, I am unable to change the data source to that of the Service filter, and the Service filter does not appear as an option under the current data source despite it being linked to that source.


      Does anyone know a solution and/or work around for this?