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    Specific Dashboards not Loading Any Sheets on Tableau Server 10.4

    Tyler McDonald

      So I am currently working with three Tableau workbooks, and I've never had trouble with two of them. However, the third has 8 dashboards and for whatever reason, two of them sometimes don't load the sheets on them. The two dashboards do pertain to the same data sources, but I have other working dashboards pertaining to the same data source and they have no trouble loading. The text boxes and other layout options continue to load, but the sheets do not. A few interesting things I noticed which might be useful:

      1. The preview for the dashboards (aka the square that displays before actually clicking on the dashboard) displays the sheets with no issue.

      2. If I click edit on the dashboard, the editor displays the same dashboard, but this time with all the sheets working properly.

      3. Generally it happens on both Chrome and IE, but I've seen it only happen on one of the browsers a few times.

      4. Sometimes the sheets do load, but I haven't found any useful pattern between when they load and when they don't.

      5. It appears to be occurring on both our Tableau Development Server and our production server.


      I'm not sure if there's any other useful pieces of information, but if you have any questions for me to try in order to bug fix it, feel free to ask.


      Thanks in advance!