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    Overlapping Text Issue

    Enrico Serafini

      Hello everybody,


      I think I have a tough one and I need your help!


      I simply want to make a table with

      - 2 Categories in Rows

      - 1 Sector in Columns

      - Many Text Values grouped in one Cell (Marks)


      However, when I move my string dimension to Marks (Text), tablaeu cannot visualize all my text values and a "..." comes up at the end of the cell.



      How can I visualize a full list of all the text values?


      In particular, I need to export this visualization in an Excel file and the following error message appears:


      The Excel file comes up without all the text values.


      Please find here attached the Workbook.


      Thank you in advance for your time!




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          Joe Oppelt

          You have a whole bunch of values for Category1 = A, Category 2 = A1, Sector K, for example.


          What do you expect to see there?

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            Tim Dines

            I do not see a way to make this work.  I can manually get the text to all show up in Tableau, but it will not go to Excel in it's entirety.

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              Joe Oppelt

              You need to force separate cells to make Excel happy.


              In the attached I made a table calc ([index]) that runs along the [Name] dimension.  I put it on Sheet 1.  This forces separate cells for each [Name].


              On sheet 1(2) I did right-click on the index pull and unchecked "show header" so that the index value doesn't show up on the sheet.  It's still going to show up in excel though.

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                Enrico Serafini

                Thank you Joe Oppelt, but untortunately i need to visualize all the texts marks in a single cell (perhaps seprated by comma), for the porpuse of the project I'm working on.


                Is there a way to make it possible?



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                  Joe Oppelt

                  In the attached I did a few things.


                  First look at Sheet (3).  All I did here was expand the width of the rows so that everything fits in each cell.  That visually gives you what you need in a Tableau view, but you'll still have the same problem with excel.


                  In sheet (4) I put [index] back on as a step toward my next approach.  You can see the value in tooltips.


                  In SHeet(5) I used a technique that will concatenate a string of values along a dimension.  Look at [Concatenate all the values].  The PREVIOUS_VALUE function grabs what is in the previous cell and let you do stuff with it in the current cell.  So this calc make a sort of running concatenation (the way I used it here) and you can see in the tooltips as you scroll down the values for A/A1 that the string grows, with a comma added between values.  This is not the final step, because we really want to have the last value only in what we display.


                  In Sheet (6) I used an extra calc to get the WINDOW_MAX if the growing concatenated value.  That will always be the last one.  (I could have done it several ways, and they all would have grabbed that last value.)  We still have a bunch of values within each mark, and for A/A1 it blows the space to display it, but you can see how it looks in A/A2/L.  Again, this is not the final step.  We still have a billion values where we just want one per mark.


                  In Sheet (7) I put the [index] calc on filters and selected only to show the first one.  Now you can see what this looks like.  Even though we're seeing one value per line (except for a few of the lines) the output value is really just one giant long string.  Three of the lines in the first display have parts that are short enough for Tableau to squeeze two tokens per line in its wrapping, but in reality this is just  one long string.  If you're OK with this, then sheet (7) gets what you need.  But if you really want to force each token onto its own line, go to Sheet (8).


                  Here I made copies of the two concatenation calcs.  Look at the difference between the original [Concatenate...] calc and the (copy) version.  There is a carriage return added between the quotes that form the part of the string where I add the comma.  Tableau grabs that carriage return as a character in the calc because it is with the quotes.  You can see the results on the sheet.


                  This addresses your need for all the stuff shoved into one string.  But you might not like what Tableau does with this when you download it to excel.  You might still get 25 rows for A/A1/K in your excel sheet, for example.  All 25 rows still have the final concatenated value on it, but on the sheet we're just telling tableau to display the first value in each mark.  Play with it.  I'm not sure how that's going to behave.

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